North Torrance Girls Softball League (NTGSL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of good sportmanship achieved through healthful and postive recreation for girls. The goal will be attained by recruitment and training of qualified

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  • FALL 2018 Registration is currently open through August 1st.

    • ‚ÄčIf you have a general question in regards to our registration please email -

Required Registration Documents

NTGSL requires that the following information be provided each season before a player can be officially registered to play at NTGSL.

  • Copy of official birth certificate (copy of Extract of Birth is not acceptable) Will only need to be provided once.
  1. Driver’s License- All parent who will be volunteering ( Team Parent, Scorekeeper, Field Help, Coaches, Managers)
  2. Medical records for any disabilities that should be on filed to inform Managers and Board only. Will be kept confidential.
  3. Code of Conduct 
  4. Concussion Protocol
  5. Photo/ Media Release Form 
  6. All Star Consideration Form 
  7. ASA Background Clearance Form 
  8. Volunteer Form 
  9. Payment of seasons registration, 2 addtional checks to be kept on file as retainers for Snack Bar duties and the other as a retainer for fundraising. 

Spring Season Registration - IS NOW OPEN

Online registration is now available! Players must be League Age 4 years (by December 31, 2018) - 14 years of age to play softball at NTGSL. Read below for details on how and when to register.

NTGSL offers two ways to register your child: online (with optional credit card payment) or in-person registration. The cost for either type of registration is the same, so choose the one that works best for you.

Quick Registration Comparison

  Online In-Person
Availability: 24 hours/day, 7 days/week TBD
Location: Internet TBD
Registration Form: Fill-out online Fill-out online
Payments: Credit Card or Check Check, Credit Card or Cash
Cost: No additional charges No additional charges
Additional Forms: Mail copies Bring to in-person session
Snack Bar Retainer & Fundraiser Deposit: (buyout is optional)

Check: check wil be returned after snack bar duty is fulfilled. Buyout can be paid by Card or Check

Check: check wil be returned after snack bar duty is fulfilled. Buyout can be paid by Card or Check

Regardless of how you register, a league fundraiser ($100 buyout or $150 deposit) and snack bar duty ($50 buyout or $50 Deposit) are required. Snack Bar is per player and Fundraiser is per Family. If you do not buyout of the snack bar duty, a personal check retainer of $50 is required and will be refunded to you after you fulfill your duty.

Follow the steps below to register online:

  1. Go to the NTGSL Online Registration page (link below).
    • If you have not already done so, please sign up for a free NTGSL Online account, as you will need one to process your registration.
  2. Follow the step-by-step instructions to register each child.
  3. Please mail-in the required documents and any payments or retainers not already paid via credit card to:
    PO Box 6312
    Torrance, CA 90504


In-Person Registration:
Time, Date and Location are To Be Determined for in-person registration.

If registering in person, please take note of the following steps in order to register your player:

  1. Make copies of the Required Documents
  2. Bring both your document copies, and a check or cash for us to process your registration, retainer fees and/or any buy outs.