North Torrance Girls Softball League (NTGSL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of good sportmanship achieved through healthful and postive recreation for girls. The goal will be attained by recruitment and training of qualified

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North Torrance Girls Softball League is a non profit recreational softball organization dedicated to the enrichment of girls with an interest to play softball. By recruiting like minded community members we are able to offer our community and its surrounding areas a fun and safe place to play softball, make friends, network and thrive. Our league has been around for over 30 years and has a deep rooted history here in North Torrance. Ran 100% by volunteer man power, we welcome all interessted persons to help our league continue grow and thrive. NTGSL hopes you will find softball is a family experience.  


There are many different levels of commitment and service needs, all which are equally important for the operation and success of our league. Below is a list of different ways you can become involved. 

Name Level of Commitment/ NT/USA Clearances Brief Description Requirements
Executive Board Member/ Lead Board Position

5 out of 5 


Very involved in the day to day running of the league, a big part of every aspect of the league both on and off season dedicate at least 2 years to any of these positions, strong communication, willing to work together with 3/4 additional members daily.   
General Board 

4 out of 5


Involved in the brainstorming and logistics process of the league development, takes on a more specific role or task for the league.  Available to attend 1 to 2 monthly evening meetings on Wednesday pms. Available to help at 75% of all league events, can work as a member of a team
Team Manager 4 out of 5 Taking the lead role on a team responsible to develop players, and team work, responsible for the team logistics, game time, recruiting team staff,  etc Patience, Understanding levels of interest and being able to adjust accordingly, Lead with integrity and excercize  self control in possible adverse situations. Communication skills to relay info to parents, and dedication to the teaching of Softball
Team Staff

3 out of 5


-Assist manager by his or her decretion, -team parent responsible for organizing team and comfortable being the league information liason, comfortable speaking to parents and nteracting with players. Focus on safety and well being of all players. Friendly, approachable, be able to plan and execute plans, communication correspondence and follow up, ensuring manager, league , info is reached by all team members when neccessary
Committee Chair/ member


YES & depends

Act as the laegue representative in the realm of the committee. Keeping in mind the entire league interest over your individual interest. Always keeping the league values in mind Research, attend meetings, follow the development, trouble shoot resolutions, present ideas to different entities specific to your committee, provide regular updates, status, and plans to the board, etc.
League Hero

1 out of 5

depends & no

These are the members of our league that can only give their time on limited basis or not being able to commit to a specific time  or duty. Pick up trash around field, Sweep before or after your players game, Help you team set up or breakdown the field, be a bathroom runner, take team pics, offer to carpool, Check the bathrooms are in order and tidy. dump and rebag a full trash can, make signs / banner / copies for upcoming events, market, solicit sponsorship, etc 


***If you would like more information about any of the volunteer possibilities above please contact for additional details.***